My students like working with other students in other parts of the world.

They like writing mails, using any web 2.0 tools, like wordie, glogsters, slides, google sites, ...etc.

Unfortunately, we have very old computers in our school, and as we see there won't be any money in the near future to get some new ones.

We have 17 barely funcioning computers, we inherited them from the local secondary school after they discarding them. Some of them have 500 , some have 750 mega ram memory. The memory is so old, that we can't buy new ones.

Students' works can be seen 4-year-long collaboration work, edited by children, too) skype lessons collections) Hungarian blog written by and for the children)

Could anyone help us with some used , but still working laptops or computers???


Thank you very muchDondiP3270251.JPGP4260006.JPG