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This page is about Hungarian Culure and Religion, Landforms and Nature disasters, Sports and Tourist attractions.external image 66566.png
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Hungary PP

1 Culture and reilgion

HUN Culture and Religion

We celebrate the Hungarian culture day on january 22. In this day we commemorate our culture and religion. Our religion is Christianity. Our national holidays are march 15. and october 23. in this days we commemorate our independence and freedom.external image p1a1o5te821h11vgi150ugg11ipd1.jpg?height=231&width=320 external image 5a48fbd67874299c9e055a89d2e2547ed2964653.jpg?height=230&width=320external image 1848-honvedek.jpg?height=238&width=400

In April we celebrate Easter
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In may we celebrate mother's day and Children's day

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In December we celebrate Christmas

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HUN Landforms

Hungary is not a big country, but we have beatiful lands, mountains and even volcano. Our highest mountain is Kékes with 1015 metres. We have flatlands, our biggest one is The Great Hungarian Plain also known as Alföld. It even goes into Ukrain and Slovakia. Our unique animal, the grey cattle, is living here too. Our mountains are usually covered with forests, but in the winter they are covered with snow all around the mountain. Most of our landscapes are formed by our rivers. Like our most famous one, Danube (Duna).
external image Hungarian_Grey_Cattle.jpg?height=300&width=400 external image alf%C3%B6ld.jpg?height=300&width=400 external image matra5.png?height=257&width=400


HUN Natural Disasters

|| Our disaster is red mud it happened in 2010 in Ajka. It took 10 lives and hurt more than 150 people.The disaster killed the whole wild life in creek Torna. The Hungarian Government tried to restore the wildlife and Ajka But it took 38 million HUF.external image vorosiszap.jpg?height=240&width=320external image white-background-2.jpg?height=117&width=200external image v%C3%B6r%C3%B6iszap3.jpg?height=240&width=320

HUN Sports

|| Some of our favourite sports in Hungary are: soccer, handball, swimming and water polo. We won several prizes in these sports. For soccer we had Ferenc Puskás, one of the best players in the history. For swimming we have Katinka Hosszú, she has won 3 gold medals for us last year in the Olympic Games. Last year we had the chance to compete in the European Championship in soccer, and we almost hit the finals. This is our soccer team.

external image 316Magyaro_Nemeto_0003_HG_w1024.jpgexternal image a_vilagbajnok-.jpg?height=229&width=400 ||

Tourist Attractions
Budapest: Dominika
Balaton Balatonboglár: Regina
Sopron: Levi
Eger: Szandra
Pécs: Zsanett
Szilvásvárad: Jázmin
Lilafüred: Dórika, Eszterke
Szeged Berci, Patrik