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USA landform

USA Landforms

Exploring Land forms and Bodies of Water -- Video
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Glacier National Park
Image result for rocky mountains
Image result for rocky mountains
Rocky Mountains
  • Crater Lake.
  • Fort Rock, a tough ring in Central Oregon.
  • Mount Hood, Oregon, still active.
  • The Columbia Gorge.
Image result for Fort Rock
Image result for Fort Rock
Fort Rock
Wyoming* Grand Tetons
  • Yellowstone National Park
Image result for yellowstone
Image result for yellowstone
Virtual tour of Yellow Stone
  • Mount McKinley
  • Kenai Peninsula
  • Aleutian Islands
  • Arctic Coastal Plain
  • Brooks Mountain Range
Image result for Mount McKinley
Image result for Mount McKinley
Mount McKinley

  • Borah Peak
  • Hell's Canyon
Image result for hells canyon
Image result for hells canyon

  • Olympic Mountains
  • Cascade Mountains
  • Columbia Plateau
  • Northern Blue Mountains
  • Palouse Hills
Image result for olympic mountains
Image result for olympic mountains
Olympic Mountains

  • Big Island
  • Kilauea and Mauna Loa (volcanoes)
Image result for big island hawaii
Image result for big island hawaii
Big Island

USA Natural disasters

USA Natural Disasters

|| Worst USA Natural Disaster
  1. Hurricanes-ураган-kasırga - Hurricanes are massive swirling storms. They produce winds that are faster than a cheetah. Winds from hurricanes can damage building and trees. Hurricanes form over oceans.
  2. Tsunamis - цунами-Tsunami - A tsunami is a long and high sea wave that is produced by an earthquake. It can also be caused by submarine landslides.
  3. Wild Fires - Дикие пожары - Yangınlar - A wild fire is a large destructive fire that spreads quickly over forests with wood or brush.
  4. Earthquakes-Землетрясение-deprem - An earthquake is a violent shaking of the ground. It can sometimes cause a lot of destruction. It happens because of movement in the earth's crust or Volcanic Action.
  5. Avalanches - Лавина-çığ - A avalanche is a mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling from a mountainside at high speeds taking everything down with it in its path
  6. Blizzards - метель - Kar fırtınası - A bad snowstorm with high winds and your usually not able to see much.
  7. Landslides - Оползень - heyelan - A landslide when a lot of rock or earth fall from a mountain or cliff.
  8. Tornadoes - торнадо - kasırga - Usually starts off with a big swirling cloud in the sky called a funnel cloud then something that looks like a spike comes down from the sky and touches the ground once it touches the ground it starts to move forward in a path.
  9. Volcano Eruption - извержение вулкана - volkanik püskürme - When a volcano is active it will erupt and lava will blast everywhere along with bits of obsidian.

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Related image


USA sport
SA Sports
  • Basketball is a fun game that involves speed and skill. The goal of the game is to shoot a ball into a basket. Depending on the type of shot a shot can be worth 3, 2, or 1 point. At the end of the game whoever made the most points wins! There are 10 people in total on the court at all times. Five are offence and five are defense. The offence has to shoot the ball into the basket, and the defense tries to keep the offence from shooting the ball into the basket.

  • Football-This is a sport that there is a ball where you have to throw and catch you can tackle or play flag football in flag football you have to pull the flag off the person on the opposite team. Tackle football for us starts at 5th grade. You can be a girl to play.

  • Bowling- Bowling is a game where you can be a boy or a girl. It is a very cool sport that a lot of kids/adults could play. There is a bowling ball that you have to roll. The bowling ball has to roll enough that it can hit the 10 pins.
  • Soccer- Is a really big sport in the USA. In soccer you basically just have to get the soccer ball into the goal without using your hands. You try to kick the ball into a net to get points and to win.
  • In baseball there are four bases. The first base you run to is first base, the second is second base, the third is third base, and the last base is home. You have to hit the ball with a bat. Once you have hit the ball you must run to each base. The goal is to get to home base. There are people trying to get you out. If someone get the ball and touches you or the base you are running to then you are out. Also if you hit the ball and it goes flying through the air and someone catches it then you are out! You only have three chances to hit the ball with the bat. If you miss all three then you are out.
  • Volleyball- Volleyball is a FUN sport but it includes skill, movement, and strength. The goal of the game is to pass the volleyball over the net without the ball touching the ground. Each team can only hit the ball 3 times for the ball to go over the net. It doesn't have to be 3 it can be 2 times or even 1 time. At the end of the game the team that scores the most points wins but if is a tie then the team that gets 2 more points wins. Volleyball is a very competitive sport. On the court there should be six people on each side of the net.
  • Wrestling-Wrestling is a more interactive sport. You need speed and strength and SKILL by doing moves like a single, double or pins like half nelson and cradles. For us you can start 6th grade up to pro.

Image result for sports
Image result for sports

USA Tourist attractions

USA Tourist Attractions

The US Capitol, Washington DC, Maryland/Virginia (District of Columbia) Video of The White House tour
The White House, Washington DC, Maryland/Virginia (District of Columbia) The US Capitol is where the current President lives. Our current President is Donald J. Trump. The White House is in the US Capitol, Washington D.C. The White House is also where the President lives until their term is up. The Presidential term lasts four years and you can be elected for two separate terms. You start your term on January 20th at 12:00 P.M and end your term four years later on January 20th at 12:00 P.M.
external image 2rgrbFDpo_11o09pCPiIbjdHTDSg7UcPuePb8wxXcL8jGfEadhUnRcpkdOr8w6tps6QixkMdWMbxilE83yUrfDTRKIFl2cU1gdTHNG8DtG90V17ptYf0u6Cqstu_gueu-n5aJeWW This is the White House.

Venice Beach California
Venice Beach is the #1 tourist attraction in Southern California. It’s a great place to go shopping! There is a ton of activities to do while you're on the beach. Also while you are on the beach it has a ton of murals. Venice Beach also has a Recreational Center and it has outside basketball courts. They also have a 2 million dollar skate park. Venice has 75 miles of coastline and multiple famous surfing spots.

This mural in Tarpon Springs ...
This mural in Tarpon Springs ...
Here is a picture of one of the many murals in Venice.

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone is a National park that has about 3,500 square miles of wilderness. It is often known for their geysers, hot springs, forests, rivers, and canyons. They also have Old faithful, a very famous geyser in the park. It is also a habitat to hundreds of animals species including bears, wolves, bison, elk, and antelope. The park is mostly in Montana. Some is in Idaho.Grand Canyon and the many activities in the park draw people to the area.

external image 3iEK5bjWylnIz3ldSlVQ-_xzUAkm8F_C1gJDKavbMXO_4fiDm6ZkWmbUW0jz1w_H1_-w3tvnmdlH9RisSmOt_cc4aIqmrflL7dwQ2FaO7D6IGAzsBLYmI8m6fb0ozGAuMiCHGSXNThis is a picture of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Golden Gate Bridge Video of Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge is 8,981 feet long. It is a suspension bridge. The Golden gates bridge highest point is 746 feet. You can also get tours of the bridge. The tours have a 5 star rating. It’s an incredible place to take a walk, bike, and look at the view. The bridge lights up at night. It is located in San Francisco, California.
external image 1-BQx0HTyLrHk4qTIL2lHx9pTPo2HBfS6B9asMjVjjCEDx8ntYAJldbIyOkFTfXHmQDp6NfOiMNPl49wZeLwcD8Zg8WJxrrFC-RlblS58a6BYo84uQMAe1x9_oooBJdhtEq2xWS6This is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge at night.

Hershey park, Pennsylvania, etc.
Milton S. Hershey founded Hershey Park. The first Hershey Park was built in 1906. Hershey Park is a fun and Awesome amusement park. At Hershey park there is a lot of fun and fasts roller coasters. There is also kiddie rides that kids can go on and have fun. You can also take a ride into the chocolate factory part in Hershey Park. When you take a ride in the chocolate factory you learn a lot of facts about Hershey chocolate and you can go into the Hershey gift shop when done. Also in Hershey Park there is a fun pool to swim in and when you are done swimming you can stay in The Hotel Hershey or The Hershey Lodge. In Hershey Park you can also get a few days pass if you are staying in the hotels.
external image t81t9dmJNiBmFoqRr2WXlPXT94iqHSDF7fawLoH9X_yXLR1WY5oTp3Ep8dfLvhvHnX1YLscAkPybrCqBiLd0AzXOpYAOdWaVuM1b1X7rcpoTFAtmxNu_jXwW7RD3kUkediil7rzKThis is a picture of the Hershey Park sign.