Hi everybody! My name is Elina Amfer. I live in Hungary in Balatonboglár. I like the animals, some special one with very much their irradiance, it calmnesses. I have a ranking between the living beings. The plants stand on first place, so that I love them the best ones :) The animals depend on the second place. Did not dare because of it i hate them, but because the plants play this role at me. The people stand on the last place. We understand each other only much better to the plants and the animals onto that case if you believe it, I am not quiet between the peoples because of this.

I have got a webpage: www.kutyusok12.try.hu :) I like my webpage, and I like edit :P I would not like to put a picture up from myself. I have brown hair, and my blue-green eye. I am not too tall, indeed smaller the average. Got used because of this for a dwarf to mock, what attacks me very badly :(

There would be this much from myself. Bye-bye :D

<- Feed the hamster. Click on him with the mouse! :)

My animals:

This is my dog. She name is Maya, and she is 5 years old. I like she :)

<- Denmark (My best song in Eurovision 2010)