Global Virtual Classroom 2014/15

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Carly Parker

Harper McCaughan Elementary

Long Beach, Mississippi USA

Gyöngyi Tóthné Bán

Primary School Balatonboglár

Balatonboglár, Hungary

Kim Piot

International Community School of Abidjan

Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

Topic: Education

Sub topics



Mystery skypes
Video made by Tamás Hitzfelder

Language learning with skype sessions

Men's job and women's job

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Our plans:

n schools ( generally and in our small school)

Culture and education





music school



a small video about the girs' and boys' future plans?

how students learn here

how culture influences schools

School health

maybe something about sport and food ( habits) in our school?

1 video
1. Hello
,2. We are very glad to work with you
3. Let me tell you some word about ourselves.

4. We are very glad to meet you.

5. We live in Hungary in a very small town, called Balatonboglár.

6. We live at Lake Balaton.

7. We go to the local primary school .

8. It’s not a big school, there are about 400 students.

9. We are a club called boglarangol.

10. We are from different classes.

11. We go to class 5 and 6.

12. We learn English as the second language.

13. In the morning we learn different subjects, like Hungarian, History, Maths, Geography, Biology, Sport, Music, are and claft.

14. In the afternoons we have different courses.

15. We have music school where we can play the flute, piano or saxophone.

16. We have sport club. We can play football, handball.

17. We have a drama class. We play different famous dramas.

18. We have different holiday, winter and easter and summer holiday.

19. In summer we go to the beach, and swim in the lake.

20. We celebrate Christmas and Easter, mothers’ day, children’s Day

21. Our traditional food is hot fishsoup, beigli and goulash.

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Our school
We go to primary school Balatonboglár. It's a small school. There are about 400 studnets.
In the morning we learn Hungarian, History, Maths, Biology, Geography, Music, Sport, Art. In The afternoons we go to different courses, like spot, music or drama.

Music education
We have a small music school. Studnets can learn to play the flute, guitar or saxophone .

We ususally celebrate Carneval at schools.We dance and we wear funny costumes.

8th graders final day celebration
In this small video we can see the 8th graders final day. We put a lot of flowers on the walls and they go around the building.They sing traditional songs, and finally tehy say good bye.

Opening dance
This is a beautiful day of our school.
The leder studnets dance traditional dances to open the ceremony.

Videos collections-links
Can be choosn any of the followings

Can be used videos made by our Media Club Primary School Balatonboglár
Summer sport camp
**Mothers' Day2014**

My town-wallpainting

**Adventure parkz 5.b**

**Skiing 6.b**

**School magasine 2015 46 éV 3 Szám**

Opening Dance

**Dobpergés A Boglári ÁLtalános Iskola Diáklapja 2014 46 éV 1 Szám**

**Dobpergés A Boglári ÁLtalános Iskola Diáklapja 2014 46 éV 2 Szám**

**Boglári Általános Iskola, 2014. Október 23. Iskolai ünnepély**
Final Day :saying goodbye
**A Boglári Általános Iskola Diáklapja 2014 45 év 3 szám**

**Photo exhibition 8 b 2014**

**Music school, 2014**

**Boglári Általános Iskola suli tv HID 1998 február**

**Az én városom freskó 5b**

régi rajzfilmjeink:

**Amit a tevékről feltétlenül tudni kell, Amit az elefántokról feltétlenül tudni kell**

**Amit a békákról feltétlenül tudni kell; Amit a tigrisekről feltétlenül tudni kell**
**Dobpergés 2014. 45. évfolyam 2. szám Boglári Általános Iskola diáklapja**

**Amit a .... feltétlenül tudni kell!**
**Nyitótánc Boglári Általános Iskola 2014**

**Boglári Általános Iskola farsangi ünnepélye 2014 alsó tagozat**
**Farsang Boglári Általános Iskola 2014 felső tagozat**
**Farsang Boglári Általános Iskola 2014 felső tagozat**

**Farsang 2014. 5.b**

**Boglári Általános Iskola, Karácsony 2013**

**Magyar Kultúra Napja 2014. jan. 22.**
ez a suli film:

**Boglári Általános Iskola**

**Magyar Kultúra Napja Versmondó verseny 2014 jan 22**

**Mikulás napi vers és mesemondó verseny**

**Mikulás ünnepség a Boglári Általános Iskolában**

**Dobpergés a Boglári Általános Iskola diáklapja**

**Dobperges 2012/13 1. szám**


**Boglári Általános Iskola 5. b osztályának lapja**

**Péchy Blanka tábor**

**Dobpergés diáklap**



**Én és Balaton, 2010.**


**Boglári Általános Iskola, 2013, 8.a**

**Carneval_Festival 2014. 5.b**



What doy ou want to be when you grow up?
women's job

Men's job