Many many thanks for all our partners we had las years.

Many thanks they gave us to helpmy studnets to know more about world ( ourside:-)

...and many many thanks for this great conference to help me to know more about other people work, and get millions of new ideas....



Link to this chatroom will be seen right before the sessions starts.

I talked about the collaboration works we have done last years.

Many many thanks for all our partners:-)

Here is the link to the conference


Here are the recorded sessions


Here is my small presentation


Here is my PP presentation



I am very proud!!!

Subject: Global Education Conference 2014 Session AcceptanceThank you so much for your session proposal for the 2014 Global Education Conference! We're pleased to let you know that your submission has been accepted! Your proposal is now in the "accepted proposals" list on the websitehttp://www.globaleducationconference.com/forum/topics/using-skype-google-hangout-and-writing-mails-letters-to-help

Here is the topic:

Using skype , google hangout and writing mails/letters to help small students in a little classroom to open their eyes to the large world outside

Your Name and Title: Tóthné Bán Gyöngyi „Dondi”

School or Organization Name: Primary School Balatonboglár

Co-Presenter Name(s):

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Hungary

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Teachers and students

Short Session Description

Help my students to open their eyes to the globe by collaborating students from other parts of the world

Full Session Description

The aim of my project is to open my small students eyes to the world.

To know more about other cultures( music, holidays,food, sports, school life…etc)

Let he world to come through our window to know more about our small country, Hungary, and our culture

Motivate my students to learn English

we usually meet via skype or on google hangout online and share our cultures with our partners. We give presentations, we play music or sing together more thousand kms far, or we play any simple game to enjoy the meeting

We write , send and get letters on post, with some photos and some typical Hungarian objects.

We write emails to our partner and by these mails we know more about life in other countries.

We participate in different projects, make videos, glogsters, slides…or anything we/they want to share our cutures.

This project started 5 years ago, and it won’t be closed. Open, and we are open to all new ideas. That’s the way we learn.

We go to a very small school in a very small town in a Hungary. We play this collaborative game with my students because it can help them to know more about the world outside, visit other classes, classrooms, meet other students, make friendship. ( otherwise we don’t really have the facility to travelJ this is the only way we can!!!!

Websites / URLs Associated with Your Session:

every collaboration work://www.dondi.wikispaces.com//

our skype sessions: //www.lifeinourcountries.wikispaces.com//

our Hungarian blog/class blog: //www.boglarangol.blogspot.com//