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Team 08Sih-Wei Elementary SchoolKaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Comparisons, Arts, Science, Current Events, No Preference

St. Paul Lutheran SchoolFarmington, Missouri USAhttp://stpaulgiants.comCultural Comparisons, Arts, Current Events

Primary School BalatonboglárBalatonboglár, Hungarywww.dondi.wikispaces.comCultural Comparisons, Arts

Fantastic introductions from Taiwan.

6-6 1號 蔡尚峰
My name is Shan-Feng, Tsai. I was born on October 23,2001. I am 12 years old. There are 4 people in my family, including my father, my mother, my brother, and me. I study in Sih-Wei Primary school.
My favorite subject is Math . My favorite person is JJ Lin because of his skill in singing. My favorite song is『cao cao』.Fried chicken is my favorite food. Action is my favorite TV program. I like to play「CS」online game & play basketball in free time. In the future, I want to be a scientist.

6-6 2號 蔡繹田
My name is Yi-Tian Tsai. I was born on november 11, 2001. I am 13 years. there are 6 people in my family, including my father, my mother, my sister, my grandfather, my grandma, and me.
My favorite to read a book. My favorite play basketball. My favorite listen songbird. Pizza is favorite food.
Discovery is my favorite TV program. I like to watch TV in free time. in the future, I want to an doctor.

6-6 4號 凃程翊
My name is CHENG YI TU. I am twelve years old. I live in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan(R.O.C.).My family have my father, my mother, my young brother and me. In school I have many friends because I am a humorous and smart boy.And I have unyielding the spirit.
I like to play computer game,play basketball and listen English songs.But in the free time my favorite is play basketball.I think my basketball skill even good.So my school life is very plentiful.
My dream is become a group of boss.So I will strive for success.My present in the Kaohsiung city ,Taiwan(R.O.C.) with you a dialogue.Thank you listening and I hope thereafter you.Good bye.

6-6 6號 張仁與
hello ! nice to meet you ! now, I will introduce name is jen yu Chang,
I study at sei-wei primary school , I am 12 years old, my favorite subject is chinese,
it is very fun! I will play basketball in my leisure time,l am a crazy sport person ! I like
to hear English song, too! I have many idols, like Flo Rida, Justin Bieber and Chris
Brown. I want to be a doctor in the future, because it can help many people.

6-6 7號 黃柏儒
Hello everyone,my name is Po-Ju,Huang. I from Kaohsiung city.Iwas born on April 13,2002.I am 11years old. There are 5 people in my family,my dad,my mom ,my two little sister,and me.I study sih-wei elematry school.
My favorite subjet English. And my favorite hobby us traving to anothre country.I have been to Berlin,London,Pairs and Tocky.And nice to me you.

6-6 8號 劉學致
Hello everyone
My name is Hsueh-chih Liu,and I'm 11years old. I go to Siwei elementry school. I have a happy family, my grand parents live
with us,and I have a little brother.
I love playing goif, and I want to become a professional golf player in the guture.

6-6 10號 吳尚謙
Hello!My name is shang chien wu.
I live in koahsiung city.
I,m 6th grade student at sih-wei Elementary school.
I am 12 years old.
My favorite subjects are Natural and Art.
I like those subjects,because they are very interesting and challenging.
In my free-time,
I like to play basketball and football.

6-6 12號 施宣宏
My name is HSUAN-HONG SHIH .I was born on august 8,2002.I am 11 years old.
In my free time,I like to play basketball , listen music and slide snake board.
Thank you for your listening and I hope thereafter you.

6-6 13號 洪奕維
My name is I WEI HUNG(60613洪奕維).I am a boy.I live in Kaohsiung city.I am grade six student in Sih Wei Elementary School.
My favorite subjet is Chinese.I like this subjet because it is very funny and intresting.So do you like Chinese?
I have a dog.I call it Bear because it has brown hair.
My favorive food is french fries.Do you like it?
Thank you for your listening and I hope we can become a friend.

6-6 16號 黃敏瑄
Hello!My name is Vanessa Huang.I study in Si-Wie Primary school.And my favorite subject are English and Math .In my free time,I like to go swimming with friends or watch TV with my family.At last ,I hope I have a chance to meet you and talk with you.

6-6 17號 黃鈞郁
My name is CHUN-YU HUANG.I was on Septembor 9,2001.I am twelve years old.There are 6 people in my family,including my grandfather,my grandmother,my father,my mother,my borther,and me.I study in Taiwan-kashing sih-wei.
My favorite subject is PE,basketball is my favorite sports.My favorite food is pizza.Animax is my favorite channel.I like to watch TV and play basketball in free time.In the future.I want to be a doctor.
Thank you for your listening and I hope thereafter you.

6-6 20號 李怡潔
HI!my name is YI-JIE LI.I am eleven years in SIH-WEI high scool. I like in the bookstore read some books and I like in the corner listen music and read some books. My goal is to find the world's design guru, so I read on a world designer all book.

6-6 21號 夏若芸
Hi,my name is RUO YUN SHIA.I was born on Octorber10,2001.I am 12 years old.I study in swps primary school,and my favorite subjects are Chinese and Music.

6-6 22號 林安妮
Hello ,My name is Anni Lin , I am twelve years old , I like to make friends and chat with people.
My aunt is an artist , She has a huge influence on me ,I want to be a photographer when I grow up ,I hope ,I can travel in many countries one day.

6-6 23號 蔡安安
Hello ~ My name is An An Tsai, On February 6, 2002 Born, I am currently studying in Kaohsiung Sih-wei Elementary School .I am 6th grade . I think I am very lively, because the finish class, I like to play with my friends. I look like though not very high, but I didn't feel ashamed, because I like to use the word to encourage ourselves, that is, {Human small high ambition}.

I like sports, but also likes to sing ~ I like a physical education lesson and art class. I like PE class because PE class can play basketball, play dodge-ball, you can also practice Brigade Relay! I also like the early study hall and lunch time, because I can go to the choir! But if I don't want go, I can read book or take a nap!!

I hope you like my self-introduction ~ Thank you

6-6 24號 林妤恬
Hi dear friends,

l am Tina Lin.I am Grade 6 studnds in Sih-wei primary school. My favorite subject is natural science class. l like computer class . What sports do you like to piay? We like to play swimming ! Write to you soon

6-6 25號 宋昀芸
Hello~my name is Yun Yun Sung,you can call me Annie.I was born on March 3,2002.I'm 11 years old.I study in Sei Wei elemantary school.I have many friends,I think they're really really great!I like them!All of my friends think of me as a funny person.I like to make them happy.
In my free time,I like to listin songs and watch movie or TV.
My favorite song is ''party in the USA'',and my favorite person is Nana Ou-Yang.
I want to be like her,she's cello is pretty good!
Thank for listening!Wish you have a good day!:)

6-6 26號 廖采珍
Hello! My name is CAI-JHEN LIAO :)
I come from Taiwan My schoo is SIH WEI
My interests is Reading and Listen to music. In my
leisure time.I often tell my friends together again.
My favorite Singer is Greyson Chance and Lady Gaga.
I was a quite cheerful Lively A little crazy .
My style Unlike some other girls.I do not like to dress like jeans. Although left a hair appearance is a Standard girl But inside there lived a crazy boy.
My future target is accomplish their dreams.
Hope you will like me.Thanks.

6-6 28號 陳冠蓉
Hello,my name is Kuan Jung,Chen.
I am twelve years old.
There are four people in my family,my dad,mom,sister and me.
Iam 6th grade student at Sih-Wei Primary School.
My favorite subjects are natural science and PE.
I like those class because they are really funny.
In my free time,I like to play basketball and read comic books.
I have a blog,you can come to look.
Thank you,nice to meet you.

6-6 29號 王子靜
Hello , my name is Tzu Ching Wang. I'm from Taiwan. I am eleven years old. I study in Sih Wei primary school. My favorite subject is music , because music is more easy then other subjects.
I like to read books in my free time. And I like to listen music when I am writing
my homework , but everyone said that if you listen to the music when you are writing homework and you won't be focus on your homework. But I thought that if I listen to the music when I was writing my homework and I will be more focus. So, I'm not a good student.