Results are in for the Global Virtual Classroom 20010-2011

Special Merit Awards

Exceptional Creativity

Adventure Island

Blue Mountain Middle School New York,

USA Horace Mann Elementary Illinois, USA

Primary School Balatonboglár Hungary

GlobalVirtual Classroom

"Dear GVC Semi-Finalists, Your GVC Team has been selected as one of the top six finalist in your division of which three teams will be judged as GVC award winners."

Here are the points; you'll be receiving a certificate of merit for creativity. :-)

GVC1008: Lacing up the digital divide
total points 456

GVC1004: The art of living
Total points 454

GVC1001: Education Hope for the Future
Total points 435

GVC1007: Natural Disasters Around the World
Total points 423

GVC 1029: Adventure Island
Total points 412

GVC1002: Travel: Hotspots Around the World
Total Points 408

**The winners' list is here**

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Here are the comments from the judges; you can see there is much that they liked!
I really enjoyed seeing the pictures from Blue Mountain and Hungary. This is a wonderful site. It’s very creative and the students have great imagination. I loved the drawings and the stories.
I loved your creativity. The original art and the use of a variety of tools resulted in a very interesting site. I particularly liked the creative animal pictures and associated descriptions. Congratulations on your creative work!
Your site is very imaginative and entertaining.
I loved that this website worked in the same way as a choose your own adventure book and allowed the reader to visit all of the places along the way. That being said, the team did not address a helping focus, did not seem to have a theme around which the project was organized. Overall, the website was a very creative and unique idea that would have been improved with greater focus on a topic.
Your idea for an island was very creative! You had noticeably collaborative interactions on a regular basis. That was awesome!
Creative sections, especially the animal section.

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Our Island: GVC 10-29
Blue Mountain Middle School, New York, USAHorace Mann School, Oak Park, USAPrimary School Balatonboglár, Hungary

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Blue Mountain Middle School
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Tóthné Bán
Primary School Balatonboglár / Boglári Általános Iskola

Primary School, Balatonboglár, Hungary

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Blue Mountain Middle School

Adventure Island

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