Buist Academy in Charleston, South Carolina

What is the name of your school?
Primary School, Balatonboglár

How many kids are in your class?22-26

Do you learn languages at your school? Yes, English and Germanr

What languages do people speak in your community? Our mother language is Hungarian.

What are some popular sports in your area? Handball, basketball, football, swimming, waterpolo

What are some of the things you learn about in first grade at your

school? Maths, writing, reading

Are there any special holidays or traditions that are celebrated in your

community? We celebrate our nameday. ( every name has its own day in calendar) and on 6th December Santa Claus visits small children ( who put their boots into the windows) and gives them presents ( only to the good onesJ)))

Do you have fire alarms in your school? ( sorry, I don’t really know what do you mean) We have to learn what to do int he case of fire, we go to the school yard. That’s all

The weather here is very hot right now- nearly 90 degrees. What is the

weather like where you are? In summer it’s warm, 25-35 C,so we can swim in Lake Balaton and in winter it’s cold , -10-20C. So, sometimes Lake Balaton is covered with ice.

We live on the coast. Our school is about ten minutes from the beach.

There is water all around our city. We are about 4 hours from the

mountains. What is the land like around you? Greta. Our school is about 10 minutes from the beach ( Árpád Street, Balatonboglár), and we have some hills around us.

Are there any special foods that you eat or traditional dishes for where

you live? What are some of your favorite foods? Lángo,s gulyás, palacsinta.

What does your family value- what is most important to your family? I hope, love and tolerance

There is a picture of our class attached. We have to wear uniforms to

school. What clothes do you usually wear to school? We don’t have to wear uniform.

September 21st is World Peace Day. (www.peaceoneday.org) What kinds of

things will you commit to doing in your classroom, family, and community

to promote peace? We don’t have the same Peace Day on 21st September,

Who are some popular singers in your country? For small kids „Alma” , singer Halász Judit,

What do you do when you get home from school? On days when you do not

have school, what do you like to play? We usually play int he garden, ride our bikes, play football, handball, go to the swiiming pool