in this project two nice and cute dogs visit some countries from all over the world. They sit on a sleeping nap and in their dream they fly over the world. chihuahua_brown_clip_art.jpgChihuahua-Puppy-Resting-His-Paw-On-A-Globe.jpgMap_of_ePal_story_partners.jpgzászlók4.jpg
We would like to write a story about a brother and sister who are Chihuahua puppies named William and Zoey. Their owner, Lisa, buys them a new napping rug (a rug to nap on). Every time the pair takes a nap on this rug they find themselves in the most exciting dreams that take place in the most extraordinary places (where YOUR students live).

This is where YOUR CLASS becomes part of this adventure! We need your class to collaboratively write a short story (300 to 500 words typed) about these puppies “napping rug” adventure showing aspects of your area and culture. Make it fun and with characters from your area - human and/or animal. If your students don’t type maybe you could let them write it and you could type it when they are finished. We would like for them to draw 3 pictures - one of the beginning, middle and end. You can scan those and send them via email or send them snail mail and I can scan them for you ;-)

As far as the consistency of the main characters (Chihuahuas) - William a black puppy with tan color on his face and legs and he wears a green collar. He is about 10 inches tall and Zoey is about 8 inches tall. She is fawn (yellowish) color with a pink collar. The napping rug is red with yellow tassels on each corner. You will need to include where the napping rug lands (the setting - your area), what happens (main idea and supporting details), and the conclusion (plot/problem is solved) and then the pair fly back to their home in Paola, Kansas on the napping rug.

Here are our pictures:


The card from the class:

We got it on 8th November