Kattints a képre a teljes mérethez!
Kattints a képre a teljes mérethez!

My name is Tamara Tóth. I live in Hungary → Balatonboglár. I'm 12 years old.
I'm like animals, my best animals: dog, cat, horse, hamster.
I have a dog at home, she name is Maci. Alsatian mix, girl.
I like animals, so is want to be a veterinary.

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I have got webpages: www.cuki-ebek.mlap.hu

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I have got long brown hair and and greenisg brown eyes. I have got a small nose and a small mouth.
In my family 4 people: My mother, my father, my brother and me. My mother's name is Klára. My father's name is Attila. My brother's name is Dániel.
I'm in class 5.c. We study: English, maths, music, art, technology, history,physical education, natural sciences, grammar, citizen ship, dance and drama, information technology, religious studies.
My favourite subject is almost everything. The name of my schhol: "Bohlári Általános és Zeneiskola". It in english: "Elementary school and music school og Boglár".
I like sport, but I don't have a favourite sport. We have swimming lesson at the school, so I would like be a good swimmer.I will practice swimming in the Lake Balaton at summer. I van skate a little bit, but is a very good sport. I also like pizza. But my favourite foods the pasta and sweet.

Kattints a képre a teljes mérethez!
Kattints a képre a teljes mérethez!

My best singles: Lady Gaga,Kesha and Beyonce.
I'm like:
I'm like:
← Edward Maya feat Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love
← Lady Gaga - Bad romance
← Kesha - Blah blah blah

← Rihanna - Rude boy

← Lady Gaga - Boys boys boys

← Lady Gaga - Alejandro