Dear Innovators

We welcome You all who are walking with us in this Journey to accomplish the Goal.
This is gentle reminder we are about to Start . The Day We have decided is 24th Sept. 2017, that is Sunday. We are planning to Connect with you all for the same. You can share your Views about Peace that is for Educators Only.
We are using OneNote Document for sharing our Work. We have created a Page for each educator. Kindly Share your Brief Bio, Picture along with your class and Add your MEC Profile link. Use the same page to upload the students work.
First Week :
Step 1: Introducing Sustainable Development Goal
Step 2: Learn about the 2030 Agenda
Step 3 & Step 4: Learning About # SDG 16 and its Impact on other Goals
Second Week:
Step 5 : Giving Perceptions.
Each class (or each group) gives his/her insight in a Sway, PowerPoint, Office Mix, Digital Story or Animated Movie, then embed the project in the SDGs Sway and/ or Peace OneNote.
Third Week
Step 6: Skype Call, we can share a peace song.
It is requested you to kindly upload your work till Week End (Saturday).
Resources you can use for Week’s Program
“The Way to Peace” Sway Link
ONENOTE LINK!1241&parId=19EDAA1BE4F5BFF4!739&wdo=6
Thanks for Your Support.
Amita Sharma Soheir Zaki

(India) (Egypt)