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    SCHOOL YEAR 2017/18
    Skype training for ESL teachers
    ESL Teachers Training Vieatnam 2
    ESL Teachers Training Columbia
    ESL Teachers Training India B. P.

    ESL Teachers Training Govinga P, Nepal
    ESL Teachers Training Sweden
    Guest Speaker Session India Anu
    Guest Speaker Session Duhita P.
    12-question project mnscomputerlab USA
    12-question project Vietnam
    12 question proejct Sri Lanka
    Music skype Sri Lanka
    Language Teacher class
    Mystery skype New Jersey
    Mystery skype Germany
    Mystery skype India Taljit

    Mystery skype Iceland
    Cultural skype session Nepal
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    Dear Innovators

    We welcome You all who are walking with us in this Journey to accomplish the Goal.
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    Ayumi Ueda,
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    Mystery skype Argentina
    Peace Song
    Climate Action
    Way to Peace

    SCHOOL YEAR 2016-17
    Pyramids, Egypt, Guest speaker session
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  2. page Climate Action edited Greetings! The climate action project will take off in 2 weeks, on Oct 2. About the first week’s…
    The climate action project will take off in 2 weeks, on Oct 2.
    About the first week’s topic
    During the first week your students will take a closer look at Climate Change as an introduction to the project. Stimulate your students to be creative. Every class will have very different outcomes and the project will cover several different subjects: Science, History, Math, Literature, etc. And please… don’t give away all the knowledge and make some room for empathy in your classroom. It may help to tell your students they are journalists and to turn your classroom into a newsroom. Your students have to do research, to brainstorm, discuss and share their findings. Again: collaboration is key.
    Your students have to create a presentation or video (max 8 min) including a brief introduction of their country (max 2 min).Important: you can only submit one single video or presentation or both (so not 2 or more). You can use PowerPoint, Sway or any tool you like. No need to create professional videos (using smartphone is ok).
    All entries will be posted on our website You are able to submit your students’ work directly to the website or you are free to send it to me via email.
    I’ll share the procedure to sign in to the website in a few days. Given the fact we have 250 participating teachers it is much appreciated if you submit the video/presentation yourself.
    Please share pictures of your students during the next weeks
    Important: Please take pictures of your students while they are collaborating. You can submit max 5 pictures per week. The most original pictures will be tweeted out and shared on Facebook. Magic happening in your classroom? Please share your anecdotes!
    We use a shared OneNote document to share resources, the list of participants, etc. You are able to view and edit the document via!ArWDu8MiRkr5ulZLMcdMdekIrt0W
    Influencers supporting our project!
    I reached out to several agencies and influencers. About 15 celebrities sent a quote claiming to support our project. I’ll share the quotes on and on You'll be surprised!
    A reminder: the weekly topics
    During the next weeks we will focus on 4 topics:
    - week1: Introduction - What is climate change?
    - week2: Causes and effects in your own country
    - week3: Action - How do avoid/solve the effects - Action on a personal/local/global level
    - week4: Let's talk about it - Exchanging insights and findings via Skype sessions
    During the last week we will have Skype calls with each other. You can already schedule your call in the OneNote document. I’m also working on some master classes. In case you know an expert or want to host your own Skype lesson, please contact me.
    You are very welcome to introduce your own initiative. So far some wonderful initiatives were shared in our OneNote document:
    - Joe’s students set up a Minecraft server (USA)
    - Lucrecia’s students will plant trees during the project (Guatemala)
    - Silvana’s students will create padlets (Argentina)
    - Naomi has experience in involving students as citizen scientists (USA)
    Etc. Please find all initiatives in the OneNote document.
    Although the project wasn’t yet launched it was already covered by media in 4 countries:
    - Susanna on Austrian television
    - Imen on Tunisian radio
    - Article in Brainfeed (India)
    - Lukasz on Polish radio
    Bulgarian, Kenyan and Colombian tv stations and newspapers already confirmed they will cover our project.
    Feel free to reach out to policy makers, newspapers, radio and tv stations. Send me a message if you want guidance. Please let me know when media covered our project.
    We are using #ClimateActionP on social media.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me in case you are having questions.
    Good luck and… Have fun!
    Warm regards,
    Koen Timmers
    Koen Timmers <>

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